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Personal success comes from creating success for others. If you would like to work in a challenging aviation industry environment, Aero Parts International is a place for you to contribute and prosper. With us you will find the expertise, professionalism and passion for excellence to ensure your continual career growth and success. Aero Parts International frequently has opportunities for motivated, talented individuals to join our growing team of professionals.

Strategic Aviation Management & Market Promotion Analyst

A Florida based aviation company seeks a qualified candidate to formulate company’s strategic aviation policies, forecast growth projection, prepare management and financial reports based on aviation management, marketing research & financial analysis, analyze and interpret global aviation market trend by regional growth of airline industry, countries of origin and applicable aviation regulatory and economic policies to assess underlying growth trend, target potential and emerging international aviation’s airline customers to negotiate and promote company’s sales of aero parts and products, analyze and interpret company’s sales and financial data to formulate and

Aero Parts International | Careers implement company’s aviation sales and management policies, develop and execute company’s aviation supply chain management, devise aircraft and engine parts acquisition strategies, form supply chain strategic alliances, provide expert consultation for airlines customers regarding aviation supply & repair needs and inventory optimization, develop companies sales, inventory management and marketing plans and policies, analyze and develop revenue objective and recommend management strategies for company’s revenues and growth projections.

Minimum educational requirement is Bachelor Degree in Aviation Business Administration. Candidate must have strong analytical skills and quantitative knowledge in aviation economics, aviation mathematics, aviation marketing, aviation management, global aviation, finance, accounting and statistics.

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  • Analyze, formulate & implement marketing, financial / strategic management policy to maximize profit
  • Conduct domestic & international aviation market research
  • Develop aviation marketing services to foreign airlines and operators
  • Provide expert consultation for customers over all aviation supply/repair needs
  • Devise aircraft & engine parts acquisition strategies
  • Improve supply chain by strengthening links with FAA repair stations, OEM's
  • Implementing promotional strategies, inventory management, operational effectiveness for optimum resource allocation, quality control and solution of organizational problems